The Fishes You Can Find In UK

Getting to know the fishes you can find in UK is a great start on planning your fishing expedition. If you want to be successful at fishing, you want to get to know what them first. Fishes are actually very predictable. They often do the same thing day in and day out. You want to know where there are at specific times of the day so you can catch them easily. Not only that, you want to know what will attract them so you know what bait or lure to prepare.

About fishing in the UK

Fishing is a popular hobby in the UK. The government has a lot of national parks that cultivate various fishes for enthusiasts. It is a healthy and calming pastime – which promotes a well-balanced lifestyle for everyone.

National parks have clean rivers that encourage fishing adventures. You have brown trout, pike, carp – among others. The fishes you can find in UK will depend on where you will choose to go. The open waters has different types of fishes compared to those you will find in the lakes and rivers. Of course, you have to do your research before making plans. There are inland waterways that are closed during the breeding season. This is the government’s way of ensuring that there will be enough fish to satisfy your fishing expeditions without damaging the freshwater ecosystem. There are also rules that you need to follow and licenses that need to be approved before you can fish.

Different fishes in the UK

So what are the fishes you can find in UK?

Here is a list of fishes for first-time anglers.


This fish lives at the bottom of the canal or river in large schools. While they may not always be near the surface, but they are easy to catch once you have hooked them. They are known not to put up a fight so you can easily bring them in.


This fish is easy to catch because it eats any type of bait. It is a great target for first-time anglers. Just try to target the smaller ones. The larger chubs are more difficult to catch because they are easily disturbed by any movement or noise.


This is a small silver fish that come close to the surface to feed. Their favourite meal are flies. Since they have a large appetite, this makes them easier to catch.


This is a great fish to catch for beginners because they are easy to reel in. It can also be found in almost any river or canal in the UK.


The smaller fishes gather at the edge of the canal – which makes it a bit easy to catch. These have spiky dorsal fins and also pointed gills. Make sure you handle it carefully when you catch one. More experienced anglers who want the bigger and more challenging Perch should go to the middle of the canal to find them.


This is easily found in any canal, as long as you have a lot of loose bait to feed them. They gather in huge numbers if you have something to feed them with.


This is a bottom feeding fish. They feast on the leftover of other fishes. They can be found in most of the canals in the UK.

Here is a list of fishes you can find in UK for more experienced anglers.

Brown Trout

This is a popular fish to catch because it poses a challenge for anglers – with its sharp pointy teeth. However, if you have a live bait, they usually cannot resist it.


This is one of the easiest to catch – simply because they are not elusive. However, they will fight as you try to reel them in. Make sure you have a net ready when they are close. You can find them in still waters.


There are a lot of this type of fish in the UK. You can find it in practically all the canals in this region. It grows really big sometimes and that can be a very exciting catch for a lot of anglers. However, they can be hard to catch because they are hard to find and puts up a fight when reeling them in. This challenge is what makes them appealing to anglers too.


These usually feed on the surface – but that still makes this a hard fish to catch. But it usually gathers where there is a lot of food. You can use that to lure them towards you so you can catch them.

Golden Orfe

This fish is known in the fishing world as one of the trickiest to catch. They are very good at escaping! Not only that, they are very elusive and can be found in isolated parts of the canal where they live in.


This fish has a long shape and sharp pointy teeth. This makes it move very fast in the water. It is very fragile though – and challenging to catch.

Rainbow Trout

This fish has a streak of blue and pink bands on its mainly silver body. This is what led to its name. If you want to catch this fish, you have to make sure you have a lot of bait. But if you want to make it more challenging, try catching it using a fly.


This is also very elusive. Not only that, it only comes in small numbers. That makes it a challenging catch even for experienced anglers. In fact, if you want to catch them, you need to fish in the evening. That is when they usually come out to feed.


This is another fish that is hard to catch because they will put up one hell of a fight when caught. It is also more likely that they will break a line before you can reel them in. You can find these in the quieter parts of the canal that do not have a lot of boat traffic.

These are the fishes you can find in UK. See which ones you can find in your preferred fishing spot so you will know the best technique to catch them.