Top Sailing Destinations In The UK

Looking for the best sailing destinations in the UK is not a hard. There are a lot of great places for you to choose from.

When the weather is great and the sun is shining, there is nothing more appealing than heading out on a boat to go sailing. The scenic views, the fresh air, and the calm waves along the side of the vessel is quite relaxing. It makes you feel detached from the usual worries that you have on land. Here, you can think, breathe, and just be yourself.

But what makes a great sailing destination? First of all, you need to boast of some good scenery. It makes the sailing expedition all the more appealing. The wind should also be consistent. After all, the wind is very important to move your sailboat across the water.

Best sailing destinations in the UK

Based the qualities mentioned, where are the best sailing destinations in the UK?

The Isles of Scilly

Just like the Caribbean. That is probably the best way to describe this place. It has 25 miles of coastline with sandy beaches and the fresh winds are consistent and strong enough to sail in. And did we mention is is the sunniest place in the UK? Being able to see some dolphins, puffins, and seals make it even more amazing.

Cowes in the Isle of Wight

This is one of the biggest centres for yachts in the UK. The coastal town usually comes alive in August because of the annual yacht race. But beyond that month, you can go sailing on your own.

Fowey in Cornwall

This is another yachting harbour in the UK. It is not just the scenic views when you are out sailing. This is one of the best sailing destinations in the UK because you can spend several days here. You can sail during the day and spend your nights in the many pubs of Fowey. That is a great combination for any sailor.

Lymington in Hampshire

If you are after a quiet place to go sailing, this is your best option. This Georgian town has several old buildings and two marina options. Looking at it from your sailboat will make for a very picturesque view. The quaint town and the green fields around it can be a very relaxing sight.

Loch Lomond in Scotland

If you just want to stay inland, this is where you want to go sailing. Milarrochy Bay is a great option to launch your sailboat. There are also races happening in this place – proof that it is a great destination to sail in the UK.

Lake Windermere in Lake District

If you do not want to sail in the open waters, the Lake District offers a lot of opportunities to sail in the UK. The Lake Windermere is the largest of its kind in England. This place has three sailing clubs. You can find a lot of boats to rent here.

Dartmouth in Devon

This place is actually a major stop for a lot of yachts in the south coast. August is a pretty exciting time for Dartmouth – but any other month is also a great time for you to enjoy a sailing expedition. Summer is the best time, though.

Broads in Norfolk

With more than 200 square kilometers of waterways, Broads is a great option for sailing in the UK. You have so much space to cover. It is a popular holiday destination and you can find a great spot to spend a quiet day in solitude.

These are only some of the best sailing destinations in the UK. You may want to start here if you really want to have a sailing adventure on your next holiday.