World’s Best Saltwater Fishing Spots

Are you looking for the best saltwater fishing spots in the world? We have a great list for you to consider!

When it comes to fishing, the open waters offers quite an adventure. The salty sea and the beautiful and large fishes are enough to satisfy your angler’s appetite. Fishing nearby may be convenient but truth be told, it can get boring sometimes. What you want is to travel to a far away place, explore the open waters, and try your luck catching a fish from the ocean.

But then again, the open waters is such a large place to explore! Where can you go so you have a high chance of getting saltwater fish?

5 of the best saltwater fishing spots

Here are the 5 of the best saltwater fishing spots in the world.

Prince Edward Island/Nova Scotia in Canada

Did you know that this is where the biggest bluefin tuna was caught? If that is not enough reason to choose this place, then what is? This place is where you have every opportunity to catch the biggest fish in the world! Take note that fishing in this place happens within a mile run from the port. You can rent a boat, sit on a fishing chair, and wait for the big fishes to start biting. The best time to fish is from August to mid-October.


This place is packed with fishes (specifically bonefish), tarpons, and permits. You can get the chance to catch a really big fish – enough to serve as your trophy fish. Not only that, you can enjoy the pristine flats here – something that the government tries very hard to maintain. Most of the resorts and lodges have anglers as their target market. You will feel right at home. The best part is, fishing can be scheduled any time of the year!

Malindi in Kenya

Malindi is located on the central coast of Kenya – and it boasts of the best saltwater fishing spots in the world. Even the inexperienced angler will get a fighting chance of catching a billfish royal slam. That means catching one of each: blue marlin, sailfish, swordfish, striped marlin, shortbill spearfish, and black marlin. There are several charter boats that you can hire to take you to where most of the fishes are. Fishing in this part of Kenya is great all year round – but January to February is probably the best time to catch a slam.

Key West in Florida

This place is known to be the gateway to Dry Tortugas. It is right where world-class fishing grounds are located. This combination should be enough to convince you that this is the best spot for saltwater fishing. You have blue waters and well-maintained reefs and flats. This makes is an ideal place to get the best catch in your fishing career. There are also several charters that provide the complete package to help you have the best time catching fish. The best time to visit is – any time of the year actually. Even the winter season is a great time to catch some fish.


The rugged coastline, the rocky headlands, and the nearby reefs – all of these make it a great place to go fishing. There are schools of tuna, roosterfish, bluefin trevally, and snappers to catch. This tourist-friendly country is one of the best saltwater fishing spots because you get to enjoy a lot of resorts as well. You can fish all year round in Panama but when the rainy season comes – be prepared to get really wet!

What do you think of the best saltwater fishing spots in this list? Want to travel all the way to these places to have the best fishing expedition?